What if you could change your life? perspective ?

Instead of money,
what if we valued
goodwill ?

Goodwill is a collectively owned asset. It is created in small moments and quietly accumulates on your balance sheet. At Red Helicopter, we can help you create goodwill, and then teach you how to operationalize it and invest in it. We measure assets and liabilities that are difficult to see, thereby generating true equity.

What if life and
business were not that
different ?

We don’t believe they are. Red Helicopter was born from the realization that relationship building and storytelling are a lifelong learning journey, for organizations and for individuals. This journey is about balancing money, life, and joy to create real and sustainable value. Our way and philosophy generate equity for all stakeholders, in every sense of the word.

What Can We Build Together?

It’s all possible. We have a choice.
Come walk with us… and let's
build a community of change

Come Fly With Us